JJ's Boarding Cattery
JJ's Boarding Cattery

Broomhill Road

Old Whittington

Chesterfield S41 9EA

House Rules.

Tel: O1246 260567

We do not charge extra .....

* We recommend that your cat is vaccinated against Feline Leukuemia.

* We expect all boarders to be Flea free and treated with Veterinary products only ie. Frontline, Advantage, Stronghold etc.

* We advise that your pet is regularly wormed with veterinary products only ie. Drontal, Milbamax, Stronghold etc.

We cannot board unneutered  male cats over 6 months of age.


This is Wuss, our house cat ...........

.......... and he lives up to his name too

* We provide everything for your cats stay ie. all utensils, litter, blankets, cat grass and an extensive range of food.

    You are welcome to bring something familiar like a blanket or toy for your cat.



Preparing for your cat's holiday .....

* We must insist that your cats are fully Vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu and that the Vaccination Certificates are produced on arrival as this may prevent or delay your cats holiday.

* On arrival we will go through your cats dietary needs, we can also administer tablets etc that are prescribed by your Vet as well as Insulin if your cat is diabetic.

Prescription food would have to be supplied as we cannot obtain it.

* to administer medication such as tablets or Insulin.

  ( we may charge extra for intensive care, if req'd )

* for heating or accidental insurance

* for elderly cats or cats requiring special attention